Thank You for Today, Lord

Before I rest my eyes for the night, I always begin my evening prayers with “thank you for today, Lord”.

I learned that simple phrase by listening to the retreat master at Manresa several years ago.  Although my recent days have been anything but good, I am able to find one morsel of happiness to report to the Lord each night.  A sharing of prayerful thoughts include:

1. Mom has pain, but the meds manage it better and she is sleeping slightly better at night. Thank you, Lord.

2. My Mother talks intelligently in words I understand about 15 seconds a day. Thank you, Lord for those seconds.

3. I am often at a loss as to how I can better handle my daily caregiving responsibilities. Thank you, Lord for being there with me spiritually and for giving me shoulders to bear these challenges.

Good night, Lord and thank you for today.

Peace Be With You.    Daniel

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